Join us at Lincoln Pride!

Join us at Lincoln Pride!

We are proud to be supporting 2019’s Lincoln Pride at the Arboretum on 28th September 2019 from 11 am to 5 pm.

This support is only a small gesture as part of our continuing efforts to embrace diversity, create equality and build inclusive learning and work environments where inclusive practices, behaviours and acceptance of everyone just the way they are; regardless of what makes them seem different is a way of life.

As the University grows and evolves, so does our approach to celebrating and embracing diversity in all its forms.

As a community, we unite to create a respectful and inclusive environment where discrimination, and hate in any form is not tolerated and where our staff and students (minority or otherwise) can work and study without fear of experiencing bullying, harassment, victimisation or discrimination due to any and all individual and protected characteristics.

Lincoln’s Global Community Celebrations (LGCC) will demonstrate this commitment further with some interesting activities and efforts planned which aim to create further awareness around LGBTQIA+ as well as intersectional issues and experiences.

So please come join us at Lincoln Pride and visit our stand to take photos and show your Pride in Lincoln! See you there!