Help Shape the New Respect Charter

Help Shape the New Respect Charter

Staff and students are asked to contribute to the development of an updated Respect Charter.

The current charter sets down core values, based on respect, which all members of the university community are expected to adhere to. It is now being reviewed collaboratively with teams from the Students’ Union and University of Lincoln to ensure that it reflects a contemporary work and study environment.

We are keen to engage as many people as possible in contributing to the charter and welcome your views about respect and community. Your input will be used to develop and shape the new charter.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Mary Stuart said: “We are proud to be one community and strongly believe that our diversity is something to be celebrated. Inviting staff and students to contribute to the development of our new Respect Charter will enable us to continue our proactive approach to ensuring the inclusivity of everyone in our community.”

Cassie Coakley, Students’ Union President said: “Here at Lincoln, we pride ourselves in making sure every student, no matter their race, sexuality, ability, age, gender or beliefs is respected. This is why the work on the Respect Charter is key to all students and staff. We believe strongly in working with the University to create a community in which everyone is respected. It is imperative that the voice of every student is heard.”

Complete the survey via the Students’ Union website  It will only take a few minutes to complete and will remain open until 31st January.