Career Pathways online tool launched

Career Pathways online tool launched

We are pleased to announce that the Career Pathways online development tool is now available for staff to use:

Click here to view the Career Pathways page.

The tool works by staff enrolling onto the programme for their current grade, they can also explore other grades (we would advise the one above and below their own grade) and work through the suggested development. This includes; face to face workshops, suggested apprenticeships for each level, evidence based reflection (preparing staff for competency based interview), online learning and also further reading or resources.

We hope that this holistic approach will enable staff to develop the key transferable skills and prepare them for career progression when the opportunities arise. We must be clear that career pathways does not increase the number of opportunities, but enhances the individual’s chances of success through improved succession planning processes, and constructive development conversations. More detailed information is available at the link above and throughout the development tool.

The tool works remotely off campus using single sign on, as well as the signposted development including a range of opportunities that doesn’t just involve face to face interactions so it’s a great way for staff to continue their development given the current environment. This can also be really beneficial to staff mental wellbeing and motivation during these difficult times.

Questions or support should be directed to or calling 01522 88 (6465).