/ Early Career Lifestyle Choices

Early Career Lifestyle Choices

March 25, 2019 and May 8, 2019

The University continues to work with financial education specialists WEALTH at work’ to deliver our programme of Financial Wellbeing which is a vital part of your employee benefit offering.

This workshop is for individuals who want to understand and learn about how their finances are linked to pensions, benefits and career planning opportunities offered by the University. Continual changes in legislation, makes understanding and planning for your financial future more important than ever before. To help aid understanding, this workshop will cover interesting subjects such as:

  • Money management and reviewing expenditure
  • Mortgages
  • Credit scoring
    • How credit scoring works
    • Tips for a good credit score
  • Setting savings goals for the short, medium & long term
  • University benefits
    • A look at the new platform of benefits
    • Making savings through salary sacrifice
  • Pensions
    • The basics
    • University pension schemes – how they work
    • Increasing your pension benefits
  • Savings and investments
    • Ways to invest
    • Understanding risk
  • Tax and tax efficiency
  • Reviewing financial plans against lifestyle/career plans
  • Seeking guidance and advice