Black Voices, White Frames in Post-War Television: Black History in MACE

Black Voices, White Frames in Post-War Television: Black History in MACE (the Media Archive for Central England)

Hosted by School of History & Heritage

26 October at 4pm

Television archives are under new scrutiny recently as broadcasters consider their historic outputs and the contribution of these to racialized behaviours and expectations amongst audiences of the past and present. The MACE archive holds a collection of material from one of ITV’s affiliates, ATV and Central News, and offers a unique glimpse into the archives of regional television and the lives of Black Britons in the Midlands. On the one hand, we see evidence of what has been referred to as ‘difficult heritage,’ with white reporters engaging with West Indian immigrants in highly racist and racialized ways within the framing of shots, questions, and content of interviews on the street. On the other hand, this is also a remarkable and rare moving-image archive of Black Britons from the Windrush generation navigating life, work, and media encounters in the post-war Midlands. This screening features clips from the MACE archive from the 1960s through to the 1980s with an introduction to the material by Dr Christine Grandy, Associate Professor of 20th Century British History at the University of Lincoln’s School of History and Heritage. Comments and discussions from the audience after the screening are encouraged and welcome.

Screening + talk: 40 minutes.