Occupational Health

Occupational Health

The Occupational Health provision is a supportive tool which focuses on the physical and mental wellbeing of our staff at the University of Lincoln.  Occupational Health aids individuals by the Occupational Health Nurse considering that person’s specific medical conditions and giving independent, professional guidance and advice to staff and line managers

What support can be provided by Occupational Health?

Occupational Health Nurses can support by offering professional, informed advice on:

  • Support options available to staff
  • Assessing health conditions and how this may affect work
  • Returning to work guidance on likely return dates, phased returns, adjustments
  • Recommending temporary or permanent restrictions or adjustments to avoid injury whilst at work
  • Likelihood of future absences at work due to health conditions
  • Whether a condition falls under the Equality Act

Occupational Health is unable to offer a formal diagnosis or treatments and therefore we would encourage all employees to seek advice from their own GP and/or medical professional(s). They also cannot advise on University internal policies and procedures.

If you are an employee with a long standing health condition or disability and is struggling to sustain attendance at work, you may find the Government’s Access to Work scheme helpful alongside Occupational Health advice, and details the scheme are available here: https://hr.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk/equality/access-to-work/

Who can access Occupational Health?

Any new or established employee can access this provision.

The Occupational Health provision begins before employment commences with pre-employment screening and an occupational health check clearance prior to taking up their role if needed. This is to help identify any possible reasonable adjustments that may be required and enable to the University to take appropriate and reasonable measures to support these.

How is a referral made?

Please discuss the need for Occupational Health with your line manager, who in turn will speak to the relevant HR Business Advisor or HR Business Partner. HR will then make the necessary arrangements and contact you directly. A referral form will be completed which will be sent to the Occupational Health provider that you will have the opportunity to view and amend before the appointment.

Please note that on some occasions HR may offer the Occupational Health service to you. Occupational Health may be offered if you are on long term sick or if HR are in conversation with you about your sickness for any reason.

Is Occupational Health compulsory?

Occupational Health is not compulsory but it is a way of proactively supporting employees and therefore if invited, we would encourage staff to engage with it. If you are unsure how Occupational Health may be of benefit to you or have any concerns, please contact your HR Business Advisor or HR Business Partner who will be happy to answer any queries that you may have.