An innovative app to support carers which is free to all University of Lincoln employees.

How does it work?                                                                                                                            

Jointly has key features including:

  • Home function button; which allows for carers to invite other carers into a private circle.
  • Profile stores useful information about the person you are caring for.
  • Activity log of recent actions to be seen and established.
  • Contacts, details of carers can be on hand anywhere, anytime.
  • Messaging, this allows for group communications in your jointly circle.
  • Tasks allows you to organise care routines and daily responsibilities function; a task can be created, assigned to a carer and monitored.
  • Calendar creates dates/time for specific events and you can invite anyone in your circle
  • Medications (Past and present) can be kept track of; also images of medicines can be uploaded to help recognise specific medicines.
  • Settings allow for management of the circle and personal account settings.

2 ways you can use jointly:

  1. Downloaded as an mobile app
  2. Desktop app

Jointly app is free for all university employees; if interested please contact to obtain a code; which you will then redeem on the link

First time visitors to the website will need to register, but this is simple, quick and easy. Once registered you are free to invite people to your jointly circle and begin organising daily tasks, making things a little less stressful.

Using Jointly, I have all the information at the ready when we meet with health professionals. The same goes for their various contact details and appointments.  The thing about Jointly is, that this information is also available for anyone else who is involved in the care, as long as I invite them onto the circle of care. We can coordinate who will be performing which duty, e.g. Who will collect the medication. Also, we can all post messages relating to health and care in the same place and  know where to look for information.  It is so useful that I am also going to set one up for my elderly parents too, so that all the close family can share in the care.


University of Lincoln Employee